About Us

In the early 70’s the land the track sits on was given to the city by a local family with the promise that the city would construct a motor speedway on the land.  The City of Casper owns the land but leases the track out to promoters to run the races each year.

The present track was constructed by the local racers and contractors in the late 70’s.  The Speedway was first opened in the summer of 1979 as a 3/8 mile track by the NCARA “Natrona County Auto Racing Association” at that time the speedway was called the Central Wyoming Speedway.  On the east side of the track was the flag stand which is now turn two.  In the early 80’s this was reconstructed to the present day ½ mile, and with the help of Modern Electric Co. and the City of Casper the present lighting was installed for night races.  Also, at this time a few of the racers took their trailers to Denver, CO and loaded up the bleachers at Lakeside Speedway when it closed and hauled them to Casper and put them up on the front straightaway.  The flag stand was moved to the west side where it is today.  Along with the new bleachers from Lakeside, the City added the concession stand on the west side.

Up to around 1996 the pit area was in the center of the track in the infield. The entrance to the infield was where the cars now enter the track.  In 1996 the pit area was moved to its present day location because with so much traffic on the track in turn 3 it was causing that part of the track to always be dry, hard and rough.  Plus, at times the race trailers would block the view of the race track from fans and personnel.

The track was always run by for profit promoters until 2005 when a group got together and formed a non-profit association to operate the Speedway with a group of volunteers.  (secret word: Boogity) In 2006 the group was able to get some funds from the Casper Leisure Board and replaced the scale building, the scale, the pit ticket building and upper gate ticket building.  They also acquired a water truck and motor grader.  Five new safety lights were added on they were old city stop lights, which the city had replaced.  2010 all the safety lights were replaced with LED lights, which are brighter.

Over the last several years, there have been sanctions by WISSOTA and IMCA Associations.  This allows drivers to travel from track to track and run under the same rules and accumulate points on a national basis.  This also keeps the rules to be consistent from year to year and track to track, which allows drivers from all over Wyoming and Colorado to come to Casper to race.

At the present time the board is working with the city and sponsors to make some additional improvements at the speedway.  2013 the track finished phase one of upgrading the sound system with new wiring and some new speakers, along with acquiring a merchandise hut. 2014 the track was awarded new bleachers by the City of Casper which are to be installed the end of May along with a MyLaps Digital Lap counting system.